Visual Testing

Global NDT provides Visual inspection services on various engineering structures and products. Global NDT comprises a team of experienced Inspectors, Metallurgist, Engineers, NACE/AICIP/WTIA certified Inspectors and NDT Personnel. The combination of these professionals from different speciality area ensures that the end user is benefited by implementation of the most cost effective inspection regime that will comply with the regulatory requirements, various international Standards and provide fitness for purpose data.

Visual inspections also commonly called as Visual examination or Visual Testing VT on objects, parts, components engineering structures is the oldest and reliable non-destructive testing method. This test method is applied to almost every product as a quality assurance tool. Generally, the most detrimental unacceptable discontinuities in the objects or items are the surface opening discontinuities. Visual scanning, inspection or testing can successfully detect these unacceptable surface discontinuities without applying expensive test methods